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Notion Users

Accessing existing Notion users within a connected workspace is possible with the following functions.

Query all Users

Use the all() function to retrieve all users. A maximum of 100 users can be fetched this way.

        ->asCollection(); // or `asJson()`

Find one User

Use the find() method to query a specific user.

$user = Notion::users()->find($userId);

Retreive User Data

You can access user data by prepared get methods. For any additional information, please use the raw structure.

$userId =        $user->getId();
$userName =      $user->getName();
$userAvatarUrl = $user->getAvatarUrl();

Raw Data Structure

This is an example of the Notion users raw structure. Please check Handling Results on how to retrieve raw data in detail.

  "object": "user",
  "id": "d40e767c-d7af-4b18-a86d-55c61f1e39a4",
  "type": "person",
  "person": {
    "email": "avo@example.org"
  "name": "Avocado Lovelace",
  "avatar_url": "https://secure.notion-static.com/e6a352a8-8381-44d0-a1dc-9ed80e62b53d.jpg"

Source: Example from Notion API Docs ( Retrieve a user )

Error Handling