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Notion Comments

Create Notion Comments

A comment object can be instantiated with Comment::fromText(...).

use FiveamCode\LaravelNotionApi\Entities\Comment;

$comment = Comment::fromText('This is a comment');
$comment = Comment::fromText($richTextObject); // `RichText::class` instance

This comment can be added to Notion by using one of the following methods.

Add Comments to Pages

A page_id is required for adding your $comment to a Notion Page.

    ->create(Comment::fromText('Hello world'));

Add Comments to existing Discussions

A discussion_id is required for adding your $comment to an existing Discussion.

    ->create(Comment::fromText('Hello World'));

Create Comments in Blocks

Not supported by Notion

At the moment, Notion does not provide a way to create comments directly in blocks. They can only created in existing discussions or on pages.

Fetch Comments